Handmade beanies, berets and tams  for everyone in all occasions. 

Buy the knitter or crochet artist in your life the perfect gift to celebrate their craft. 

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About the Knitter

I’ve been knitting and crocheting for over 30 years. I learned from my great aunt and grandmother as a child and have casually come back to both to feel creative and to create a sense of peace and calm wherever I am. 

What I love most about both arts is that they allow you to practice a meditative-like serenity as you create something unique, original, and, most times, functional. Every part of the process of crocheting or knitting is therapeutic for me. Each piece I make comes from a place of serenity and happiness and I transfer this energy into everything I create.

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These beanies are handmade and ready to wear! Hand crocheted super soft cotton basic beanie. Made from durable 100% cotton, lightweight and perfect for indoor wear or milder weather.


If you don’t see what you like on my website, please contact me for a custom quote! Pricing is based on time and materials.


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